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each dollar that is printed from the federal reserve has a 60 cent debt on it, the federal reserve is backed by nothing which means they must borrow money from banks that borrow money from you, while you also borrow money from banks… which means more money must be printed. this is a self perpetuating downgrade of the dollar purposely implemented by the banking institutions, primarily Rockefeller who was involved with the Carlyle group which is suspected to play a role in 9/11, which put the U.S. in another “what the fuck are we doing here” war in turn making the U.S. citizens not only work more for less money, but the war was also a way of stripping our rights away to force us to be planted with the RFID chip going into effect march of 2013, which can be implanted under human skin, this chip not only keeps Identification records but also tracks you on GPS to make sure you are living the simple minded life like we are a herd of fucking cattle, by 2016 every American citizen will be a marked slave. the president does not have supreme power, banks control the government. America the fucking free isn’t it?

with all the thinking i do about the world and such, you might think i have a plan.. but i don’t, so far i have come to this: in your life it is your job to change the world and make it what you want it to be, not for those around you but for yourself, it doesn’t have to be a mass change that might effect others but it can be… because if you don’t change your world, your world will change you.

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just because someone says they will pay you back doesn’t mean they will.

just because someone says they love you doesn’t mean they do.

just because something seems right doesn’t make it right.

just because you can feel something doesn’t make it real.

just because you have power doesn’t mean you should use it.

just because something is today, doesn’t mean it is tomorrow.

just because we can predict doesn’t mean we understand.

our popular misunderstanding means we cannot adapt to ever changing conditions.

the mind is a dense forest for the purpose of wandering, not searching.

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